Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, May 24, 2013

236.20 Unnatural Effects of the Little Gods Wii Casus Actions of God

Many Little Gods do not know that God gives them a new life after their death. They don't know this act of God because deism or theism are still taught by religions.  If these Little Gods study my new book, A New And Modern  Holy Bible With The Intelligent Design Of An Active God, they will learn the true nature of  panentheism, which was taught by Jesus but was not taught by his disciples.

Panentheism has many different effects on every Little God, especially after wars and terrorism develop. Wars and terrorism can develop very strange, unnatural or unwanted effects of the Little Gods. Since God can see all of these effects through any single Little God, I say that long term wars and terrorism and other unnatural acts can expect an interaction from God.

For example, many terrorizing Little Gods do not realize that a dead terrorizing Little God will likely be reborn in the nation that is being terrorized and might be killed by the terrorizing nation. In other words, 'terrorizing will kill terrorists.' To save all Little Gods, 'problem solving' is better than wars and terrorism.

As you can see, panentheism is revealing more information about God than deism and theism has been able to develop with the symbols of scriptures.  Panentheism reveals more information about God because science is more powerful with the symbols of metaphysics.


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