Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Thursday, May 30, 2013

236.26 Building Equal Little Gods

When Ben Franklin spoke about the immorality of the human soul in his autobiography, he was teaching his grandson that God, all human souls, and all other immortal things co-exist. Here, Ben was teaching Anaxagoras' theory: everything-in-everything and no beginning and no ending. (click)

So, when Little Gods die, only God knows when a human soul will be reborn and receive a new body from a Father and Mother. This is why I have said often that the chicken always comes before the egg. Thus, when Jesus died on a cross, he was not resurrected. Only God  knew when Jesus was reborn and received a new body from Joseph and Mary. And when Jesus received a new body, Joseph and Mary could not say who their baby is. They could only name their baby, But Jesus could not receive a new body without the sexual relation of Joseph and Mary.  Obviously, many religious teachings must be improved.

When a Man and Woman want a baby, only God can sense the souls that exist in the dark matter of the universe and surround the sperms of every men.  Babies become persons when souls become related to these sperms and cause the development of a soul-body thing.  God knows all persons  because time does pass, Time passes because God's work continues forever in order  to develop the universe with the help of the Little Gods. Those Little Gods, who say that they have only one life and then go to heaven, are wrong.

So, the development of wealth for children is not the purpose of families.  The purpose of families is to make many equal Little Gods.  Going to colleges and universities in order to become wealthy will only produce people who expect to go to heaven.

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