Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Monday, May 27, 2013

236.23 Why the Minds of the Little Gods Must be Similar

When the U.S. government concluded that the Declaration of Independence (DOI) has no laws, many American Little Gods rejected all self-evident Truths, such as 'all Men are created equal.' By rejecting this truth, these American Little Gods made a nation of unequal Little Gods.

One can observe these inequalities in all fifty States in the USA.  In these States, some Little Gods are reborn in a rich family of a Father and Mother. By being born in rich family, these Little Gods are able to attend a college or university.  But all other Little Gods are born in poor families and will not be able to attend a college or university.

In his writing on Monadology, Gottfried Leibniz tells us that immortal human souls can perceive and that this soul can unify perceptions (click)  Thus, co-existents (unity/diversity) applies to human souls at all times. So, when a Little God  dies and is reborn by God, the mind of this Little God could be under-developed, normal, or over-developed. With unequal Little Gods, I say that rebirths of Little Gods will lead to mental problems such as down syndrome. (click)

While some Little Gods believe that wealth in a nation should be based only on economics, I say that wealth of all Little Gods must be equal so that the minds of all Little Gods are always very similar.



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