Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Monday, July 01, 2013

236.59 The Little Gods Must Stand Up and Move Forward.

In my blog yesterday, I informed many readers of the incorrect writing of Saint John at 14:20 in the New Testament. In this verse, I said that the word 'in' must be changed to the phrase 'related to.' I also said the seventeen centuries had to pass before the word 'in' could be changed to  'related to' by modern scientists and the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Unfortunately, most scientists and most religions are currently standing still.

Thus, twenty centuries had to pass before  my books [(click) and (click)] on science and religion would change the New Testament verse of  John 14:20 and say that Jesus is related to the Father, that ye are related to Jesus, and that Jesus is related to you.

But my works do not only inform people about the correction of John 14:20.  My books are bringing science, religion, politics, economics, health care, Little Gods, etc. together.(click) (click) Thus, all possible thoughts of humans are coming together as imperfect ones with the guidance of a panentheistic God, who is a perfect one. Thus, there is no end to the life of God, the Little Gods, the animals, the plants, the suns, and planets.

Accordingly, all scriptures are only history books that were written and improved by Little Gods. And science can never be completed.  So, it is time for scientists and religions to stand up and move forward.


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