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Monday, June 24, 2013

236.53 All Little Gods Must Be Treated With An Independent Justice

My latest thoughts related to Edward Snowden.

At this time, the U.S. Little God, Edward Snowden, has had to leave his job at the National Security Agency (NSA) and move from the USA to Hong Kong, China.  Then, he moved to Russia to explain his position. To me, this motion was normal because many Little Gods in the USA  said, without research, that Snowden is a whistle blower and must be charged with espionage and treason. I say that Little Gods should not make statements about crime before Justice acts.

Edward Snowden's action against NSA is similar to my action of telling the U.S. government  that government workers violate the Declaration of Independence (DOI).  The U.S. government is criminal because it acts against the DOI and say that the DOI has no laws. But I charge the U.S. government with violating the DOI because the DOI has laws, which forms the 'private sector.' The U.S. government only forms the 'public sector.'

When I worked at the U.S. Justice Department, I wondered whether crimes exist in the U.S. government.  Today, it seems that crimes have developed in some U.S. agencies. For example, the Internal Revenue Service recently committed a crime. Perhaps crime exists at other agencies exist. If so, the U.S. justice must work as an independent agency.  Justice independence is necessary for Snowden's  general statements about the U.S. government.

Note. National Security Agency (NSA) is a private company (click), (click) . The NSA Director is Gen. Keith Alexander.  One can ask the question, 'Why can’t we collect all the signals all the time? This question is silly because we cannot know persons  because all persons are 'reborn persons.'  Only a panentheistic God knows all persons at all times. NSA should focus only on  war makers in foreign nations.  To stop war makers, nations can become equal.


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