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Friday, June 21, 2013

236.48 Without God, the Little Gods Cannot Judge Same Sex Marriages

Today, all events related to 'same sex marriages' will be found on three different stages. These three stages where all Little Gods sit and discuss deism, theism, and panentheism. Since I have rejected deism and theism in my blogging work, I say that only panentheism is true and can judge human behaviors about same sex marriages.

In general, a panentheistic God creates an infinite number of different souls and relates them functionally to form bodies for the universe.  In more detail about human souls, a human soul must come from God. And a human soul must become functionally related to a male sperm and female womb.Thus, God, a soul, Man, and Woman are necessary to give life to a Little God.

On my research on the 'same sex marriage' discussion. I can offer three more comments.   First, human souls can perceive. So, the sex of a soul might be disturbed by poor senses. Second, suicide is wrong because all humans are reborn by God after death. Third, the discussion of same sex marriages, without discussions of God, can lead only to opinions rather than truths.


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