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Monday, September 16, 2013

278. The Forward Motion of the Minds of the People of Russis and the USA Is Very Different

Forward motions of the minds of the people of the USA and Russia exist.  But the motions of the minds of their people differ. For example, the minds of the people of Russia develop as much knowledge as they can about physical and intelligent life. On the other hand, the minds of the people of the USA are developing only as much wealth as they can.

But Russia and the USA do work together occasionally. For instance, they are currently developing fusion energy together.

Recently, Forbes reported the top 400 people of the USA. (click) The top person is Bill Gates. And his wealth is 72 billion dollars. However, Gates wealth was not developed fully by Gates.   For instance, when I converted analog to digital in the 1960s to go to the moon, I made the wealth of Gates possible. Thus, the wealth of a person might have been developed by other people. Further, when wealthy people die, the developed wealth is inherited by children, who did not develop the wealth alone. So, I say that the development of wealth is a rare event in any nation.

I conclude that the people of Russia are moving forward correctly and that some people of the USA are moving forward wrongly.


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