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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

273.Using Chemicals on Humans is Unlawful in All Nations

Many people of the USA, most U.S. congressional members, all TV talkers last evening, and most Presidents, like Vladimir Putin, still do not understand that President Assad of Syria and the Syrian military leaders violated the international law of human rights by murdering Syrians with chemicals. Thus, President Assad and his military leaders must be tried, like many Nazi Germans were charged, tried, and penalized in the Nuremberg Trial .(click) 

On 14 January 1942, representatives from the nine countries occupied by Germany met in London to draft the "Inter-Allied Resolution on German War Crimes". At the meetings in Tehran (1943), Yalta(1945) and Potsdam (1945), the three major wartime powers, the United Kingdom, United States, and the Soviet Union, agreed on the format of punishment for those responsible for war crimes during World War II.  How can President Putin of Russia accept the use of chemicals by President Assad in the Syrian civil war?

Accordingly, President Obama and other national leaders must come together in order to charge President Assad and his military leaders.  Then, a trial must be held at a court with a number of judges.

This charge is not a war and will not lead to a war. So, after the charge is made, the Syrian chemicals must be collected and destroyed.


  • At 2:43 PM, Anonymous jack said…

    Before we head to Syria to avenge the mass murder of their kids, how about we finish avenging ours? A dozen years after the 9/11 attacks, the trials against the jihadist plotters who incinerated pregnant women, firefighters, grandparents, newlyweds, toddlers and schoolkids on their first-ever plane rides have yet to begin. The terror-coddling Obama White House squandered precious years trying to shut down Gitmo to appease the peaceniks and Muslim grievance-mongers. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder arrogantly attempted to shove civilian trials of terrorists — which would have been held a stone’s throw from Ground Zero — down New Yorkers’ throats. Ever since, Team Obama has dragged its feet on military tribunals for the al-Qaida crew.
    If we’re lucky — that’s a big if — the death penalty war crimes trials for KSM and his co-conspirators may begin in the fall of 2014. Maybe Thanks to cunning delays, made-for-media theatrics and stomach-turning whining by the Gitmo detainees, the journey to hold the 9/11 plotters accountable has become a vulgar joke.
    The last time pretrial hearings were held defendants used their international platform to complain about bathroom breaks and Navy food, which one accused terrorist equated to “torture.” Despite being supplied with fresh halal meals that comport with their Muslim dietary requirements, one member of KSM’s posse complained that his lunches did not include extra condiments such as olives and honey.
    Back at Gitmo, other jihadi suspects continue to enjoy taxpayer-subsidized movie nights, art and English classes, and Nintendos and PlayStations. And if the clogged wheels of justice for 9/11 victims weren’t bad enough, don’t forget: In 2009, the Obama administration dropped the charges against 2000 U.S.S. Cole bombing suspect, Gitmo detainee and former Persian Gulf Operations Chief for al-Qaida Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri — and has made no progress on bringing him to justice since reinstating the charges (only under public pressure) in 2011.
    How is it that America is poised to use our military — the American people’s, not Obama’s — for a humanitarian intervention that may very well aid and abet the same barbaric forces that brought unprecedented death and destruction to New York City, Shanksville, Pa., and Washington, D.C., just 12 short unavenged years ago?
    Remember: The Bush administration first brought military charges of conspiracy, murder in violation of the law of war, attacking civilians, hijacking aircraft and terrorism against KSM and his Koran-inspired killing crew in 2008. Obama recklessly aborted those military tribunals in his bleeding-heart social justice bid to provide full U.S. constitutional protections for the foreign soldiers of Allah.

    So George don’t tell me anymore of your bleeding heart concerns about people that may have killed Americans on 9/11. Also, try not to convince me you are some sage or profit, however you are a legend in your own mind.

  • At 3:36 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…


    Obama is trying to stop all wars and he is also trying to fix our economy. On the Syrian chemical problem, he is moving into the work of ambassadorship.

    But Obama and government must go toward God because he and the Democrats and Republicans do not know anything about God and the universe he made.

    You should think about becoming an independent voter because your mind is stuck into the sand. Capture the different ways that people think.


  • At 4:31 PM, Anonymous jack said…

    I am Libertarian, I told you that before.

  • At 5:09 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…


    Being a Libertarian means that your freedom is absolute and that you have no God.



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