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Monday, September 02, 2013

264.The Job of International Law Enforcement Agencies

The violation of international laws in Syria on 'chemicals' has impacted today's international law enforcement agencies. (click)  But these international agencies are very new. For example, Europol (or European Police Office) is the European Union's law enforcement agency that handles criminal intelligence. This office became operational only in 2010. (click)

What is the history of international law enforcement in the USA? These agencies began to appear when chemical and biological drug sales and crimes were growing in the 1960s. To solve the problems of crime and drug use, I joined the National Institute of Justice in 1971,which is an agency of the U.S. Department of Justice. In the 1980s, cocaine came and expanded the drug problem to many nations. So, in 1995, President Clinton found the International Law Enforcement Academy. (click)

Did the President of Syria and his military system use chemicals to murder Syrians?  The answers must come from the International Law Enforcement Agencies. In the USA, President Obama can authorize his International Law Enforcement Agencies. President Obama is not required to seek this authority from the U.S. Congress because his  International Law Enforcement Agencies are not war machines.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin is saying that the Syrian chemicals are nonsense.  (click), (click) The word 'nonsense' means that the human mind is only sensual. Putin can be challenged because our minds can also reason.

All humans must realize that the human mind is still an unknown thing.


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