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Sunday, September 01, 2013

263. Syria, International Laws, and the Action of President Obama

President Obama concluded that the use of chemicals against the people in Syria is a violation of international law on 'human rights.' His conclusion will be tested soon by the U.S. congress.

To protect these rights, nations have joined international organizations, such as the United Nations or European Union. But nations, which are not party to these international agreements, must also be held accountable because all nations on this planet will eventually become equal under a panentheistic God. Thus, human rights, wartime laws, and territorial rights will develop as international laws. But international laws will soon change drastically because human rights  must become consistent with the new panentheistic God and His created and endless universe.

This week, the Parliament of England decided not to stop the use of chemicals against the people of Syria by the president of Syria. The timing of this decision in England was poor because I found six years ago that England's God (deism) is false. (click), (click) The knowledge of science and an infinite God will change England. But science and an infinite God will also change Russia. For instance, atheism is false because sensual data cannot prove non-existent things such as God. England and Russia are hanging onto empiricism and atoms too long.

When a government uses deadly chemicals to hurt or murder Little Gods, these acts are fully known by an active God because such a God creates and maintains the universe and cares for his living things. I say that it is in the rebirths that God reacts on the whole.

So, when Karl Marx spoke of forward motion of economics did he also recognize a backward motion in his economy?  Jesus knew a double motion in the universe at Matt. 5:19 when he spoke of least and great. With chemicals in Syria, all Little Gods in Syria are on a see saw that God knows but that we do not know, unless our thoughts are correct. For this reason, I think of  motions but focus mostly on forward motions. Criminals never move forward.


  • At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Jack said…

    Obama is looking for a scape goat by going to congress. There is no law that said he must go to congress. He stuck his foot in his mouth by saying he didn't need to go to congress and now since the English aren't going to assist the USA Obama decides to go to congress. President Obama is a phoney and will go down in history as the worst president. That's if he finishes his last term.

  • At 4:25 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Hi Jack,

    You are wrong. Our President does not need to go to congress on an international law violation. Obama went to congress to be nice to congress. International law violations are law enforcement jobs of the President and its law enforcement agencies.

    Our President must go to congress only if a war has developed.

    As a Republican, you are are mentally sick. This is why you do not know the real God. The republican mind always say that criminals are born. This statement is false. You and many other republicans do not know the good that President Obama is doing for God. So, I don't see many Republicans and Democrats moving forward after their deaths. But I do see President Obama moving forward after he dies and is reborn by God.

    If Obama is able to produce equalities such as the health care system for all and the higher education system for all, you will see what a great president should be able to do. The republican mind can deal only with money.



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