Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, August 30, 2013

261.Chemical Forces Will Not Change Nations

Yesterday, the Parliament of England rejected the support of the USA to stop Syrian President Assad's from using chemicals against the Little Gods of Syria. This rejection was not unusual  because deism, evolution, and bloodlines are still popular in England.

But I proved scientifically that the universe has an active God and never ends. So, developing democracies and developing knowledge of the universe are important to all humans who are reborn continually after every death.

Karl Marx was a Russian Menshevik. He said that history progresses so that economic relationships among people will  change nations --- from hunter gatherer to feudalism, capitalism, imperialism, socialism, and communism. But Marx said nothing about the endlessness of the universe.

But Bolsheviks argued that Russia was already into imperialism with its capitalist stage in 1905. So, they thought that it was time to build socialism. The Bolsheviks also thought that socialism would evolve, but only with forces. But the Bolsheviks also said nothing about the endlessness of the universe.

I say that the universe is always moving forward because each planetary system comes to an end.  So the people of all nations must always move forward, like U.S. President Obama said. Should  nations use chemicals in order to change the mind of people.  My answer is 'No'  because all human rebirths occur in females where the brain of a new child can be damaged. But I say that chemicals cannot change the mind of a person because the mind and brain are two very different things. I say that higher education is the only force that can move a nation forward.


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