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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

265. Solving All International Law Problems

I say that the U.S. Congress is not authorized to make rules on international laws that have been violated by a person, a group of persons, or a nation.  I say this because the function of Congress is 'law-making.' Accordingly, when an international law has been made and has then been violated, the International Law Enforcement Agencies of all nations must act and the international courts must rule. Thus, the U.S. President must act alone, but can seek help from Congress and other nations, on the international law that has been violated in Syria.

Unfortunately, the International Law Enforcement Agencies are not collecting intelligence fast enough on international law violations.  These violations exist because some nations are poor, are undeveloped, are godless, or have a deist or theist God.

My research work on panentheism can reduce these violations fast.  For example, panentheism can change all godless nations to godly nations.  And panentheism can change a deistic nation or a theistic nation to a panentheistic nation. Panemtheism can also develop a poor or undeveloped nation to a natural nation.  All of these different nations can be changed by panentheism because panentheism makes all humans different Little Gods, all families and all nations equal, and all created souls endless or eternal.


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