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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

266. Only Democracies Will Work in Syria

Yesterday, the use of chemicals against the people of Syria by Syrian President Assad was discussed by the U.S. Congress and the Secretary of State John Kerry.  It is clear that many congressional members, especially Senator Rand Paul, and many U.S. citizens must learn about the real future of this planet because they do not know the Little Gods and how they are changing nations in response to the panentheistic God.  Kerry's message to Congress was a clear message from President Obama and from many Little Gods.

Many leaders, like Assad of Syria, Putin of Russia, and Kim Jong-un of North Korea, are unfamiliar with their own future and the future of this planet. Dictators, which control humans, will no longer work.  Only democracies will work all people, all nations, and all families..

Dictators will no longer work because Assad, Putin, and Kim Jong-un will be reborn by a panentheistic God after they die. Thus, Assad might be reborn in Africa; Putin might be reborn in Mexico, and Kim Jong-un might be reborn in Spain. Riches will also no longer work. A rich lady in France might be reborn in a poor nation in Africa and a rich man in China might be reborn in Syria.

Under a panentheistic God all nations, all families, and all Little Gods must be equal.  Thus President Obama is right about people who were reborn in Syria.

When Assad learned how to care for the eyes of Little Gods in London, how could he use chemicals to damage the human body of any human?  Thus, I conclude that that the use of chemicals against humans might have started in Syria's military system.


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