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Thursday, September 05, 2013

267. "No Syrian war to save Obama's face!' by Patrick J. Buchanan

In my local newspaper today, Patrick J. Buchanan, a Syndicated Columnist says, 'No Syrian war to save Obama's face!' Buchanan's thoughts are terrible and are similar to the thoughts of those members of Congress, who do not understand how international law enforcements agencies (ILEA) work and catch criminals. Catching criminal presidents or military organizations are relative new. I believe that Buchanan doesn't know how to solve the problems of presidential or military criminals.  So, the Little Gods must learn how to catch very different criminals.

When I was in the National Institute of Justice to solve the growing crime in the USA, we started by unifying the work of police in towns, counties, cities, States, and federal agencies. Then, when international crimes appeared, we had to add nations to the federal agencies. Since I am retired for almost 20 years, I believe that many nations have been added to the federal agencies. But when I was working in Justice, we wanted to catch new criminals such as government and white-collar criminals.  But this new work never developed.

I don't believe that President Obama will go to war in Syria.  He really needs to add Syria's police work to the international law enforcement work because President Assad violated the rights of the people of Syria.  The people of Syria were murdered or damaged by chemicals.

If President Obama's request is approved by Congress, I believe that President Obama might  ask President Assad to turn himself into a world court where he and Syria's military can be judged. If Assad does not turn himself in, many nation can come together in order to act or not act or the USA can act alone. So, the future actions are very clear.

If the use of chemicals against the Little Gods are never stopped, I conclude that the human life  and intelligence will continue to deteriorate because crime is expanding. If nations never learn the new panentheistic God, this expansion of crime could turn this planet into a complete failure by God.


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