Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Thursday, September 12, 2013

274. Some Ugly Lives Come After Deaths

The minds of Obama and Assad went to work on the chemicals problem in Syria as if they were playing on a child's see saw.  For example, President Assad of  Syria admitted that many Syrians were murdered by chemicals. So, when Assad sat on the see saw, his mind went downward and into Hell.  But when President Obama sat on the other seat, Assad's mind went upward and Obama's justice  balance appeared. However, President Putin joined this game but said that Obama and Assad must get rid of the justice balance so they can work together to find Syria's chemicals and destroy them.

It is very clear that all see saw games tend to fad away as people age and develop their minds improperly. Today, Putin's mind is driven by the ignorance of materialism and imperialism. (click) and (click)  And Assad's mind is driven by his father's ignorant politics. (click)  But Obama's mind is very different  because his mind is driven by a developing form of spiritualism. (click)  So, I say that all human minds will not come together until all nations develop democracies and all democracies become equal.

Accordingly, when a human dies, science now knows that God will give all humans a new body right after death. Since God does not make our nations, rebirths cannot be predicted.  So, the rebirth of Putin, Assad, and Obama is unknown.. Since an ugly tendency exists to make rich and poor nations and rich and poor humans on this planet, Putin, Assad, and Obama can expect this ugly tendency after their death.

Can this ugly tendency be eliminated?  The answer is yes.


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