Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, November 17, 2013

327. My Third Book

My third book will become available soon. My third book is very new because it is different than physical scientists. social scientists, all religious leaders, political parties, and atheists.

My third book says that scriptures are not coming from God because we cannot know God.  If God is one and is not finite, we know that God unites all opposites. For example, many different opposites are taught in schools by teachers. And God creates the universe with many opposites. Since this universe is seen in the evening sky, we also know that God is active and never rests. Thus, we know that the universe is continuous, never comes to an end, and will exist forever. It is with God's activities that humans are able to develop new understandings of God forever. It is with dialectical thinking that we find cause/effect relations and learn the way God is making the universe.

Accordingly, I must reject Albert Einstein's general theory of the universe because he said that the universe has a beginning and end. In the Parmenides dialogue, Plato shows that the oneness of God always has 'other' things like us. Thus, God and universe is one.

Many people follow Einstein. But these people split and form two different groups.  The first  group says that all things in the universe are mechanical or nonliving things. The second group says that nonliving and living things coexist and form social relations. In these two groups, logic guides the first group whereas logic and dialectics guide the second group.

My third book says that these two groups are ungodly because economists do not include God's activities into their thoughts. In the USA. economists have brought the opposites rich/poor into the universe in which God made all humans equal. And in Europe, economists have brought the opposites bourgeois/proletarian into the universe.  My third book says that all nations, all families, all Little Gods. all animals, and all plants can be made very equal. Since God gives us a new body after we die, it is not natural to make these economic opposites.

Finally, my third books also says  that dialectical thinking leads to true and false concepts and  right and wrong concepts. So the religious leaders must expand their teachings to science and morals. Political parties must also develop dialectical thinking. But atheism is in trouble because God exists and will act forever.


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