Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Monday, December 23, 2013

356. My First Book: ‘The First Scientific Proof of God: Reveals God’s Intelligent Design and a Modern Creation Theory’

In 2006, I wrote my first book and proved scientifically that God exists. This existence was rejected only by atheists. But this existence was accepted strongly by Stephen P. Smith, Ph. D., University of California. In 2010, this book was entered in the Scientific God Journal in Volume 1 Issue 4. So, this book is moving forward.

In this book, I discuss knowledge, science, religion, Nicholas of Cusa,, Jesus, God/man communications, world theories, evolution and God’s Intelligent Design. I also discuss ‘symbols’ and their meanings and conclude that the of symbols of the English languages are troublesome and cause many crimes. But I conclude that criminals are not born. I conclude that symbols in scriptures are also troublesome. For example, some people say that God dictates scriptures to us through spirits. I reject this form of communication. Our relations with God are still vague.

In this book, I found God’s existence. But I also wanted to define God. Nicholas of Cusa, who was a modern scientist, says that God is Trinitarian. But to defeat pantheism Abraham says that God is one and has no parts. If God has no parts, I conclude that God must have attributes that are able to create a universe we see in the evening sky. Thus, I conclude that the attributes of God can be contracted so that God’s infinite attributes will coexist with finite attributes of the universe that God created. In this book, I did find that the indivisible attribute of God coexists with the divisible attributes of the universe. So, I conclude that an infinite God coexists with all finite things in the universe. Since God is greater than His own infinity, his scientific name is ‘not-not-finite.’

In this book, I present general and detail information on many different subjects of God and His universe. I also present the work of many researchers on God and a universe. In this book, I reject two major theories --- evolutionary theory and the Big Bang theory. I also doubt that God and man do not communicate like we communicate with telephones. But I conclude that God and the mind of man will become related to God in interesting ways, but only if our ‘symbols’ and their meanings become more perfect. For this reason, I say we must go to full employment.


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