Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Thursday, January 09, 2014

367.The 2oth Century Losses Were Based On Conservative Thinking

In 1766, Ben Franklin went to Germany to learn about the ‘immortal souls’ at the Royal Society of Science. There, Ben learned that humans are reborn by God and will live forever in the universe that God made. These immortal souls are found in Ben’s autobiography on page 322 and in the Monadology of Gottfried Leibniz. But immortal souls will not be found in the Bible or in the billiard-ball universe proposed by Isaac Newton.

After Ben returned, ten years would pass before the colonists would accept the immortal souls and would separate the colonists from England. This separation came after English scientists said that the human mind only has ‘senses.’ But in other scientists in Europe and America said that the human mind has ‘senses’ and makes ‘reasons’ to understand God’s work

The immortal souls never became a law in the USA. But President Lincoln maintained Ben’s immortal souls by destroying slavery. But before Lincoln was assassinated, England’s work by Charles Darwin on evolutionary theory came to the USA. Some American evolutionists and some American economists would accept Darwin’s theory. Darwin’s theory would hold the development of Gods immortal souls. Thus, GOP's economy is ungodly

On this planet, I conclude that the 20th century was very negative. I conclude that rank of science and mathematics in the USA was reduced greatly. And I conclude that God’s active work is still unknown. My first book proves that God exists. And my second book proves that God and the universe had no beginning and has no end. But my new book exposes everything that my mind can expose about God and the universe.


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