Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

359. My Third Book: ‘God and His Functionally Related Universe: With A Panentheistic God, An Endless Universe, Little Gods And Hundreds of Blogs’

My third book was written  after I studied and interpreted the teachings of Jesus on subjects  such as Matt. 5:19, John 14:12, John 14:20, and Chapter 24 of Matthew and the death of our sun.. Such subjects mean that God and the universe coexist and that the suns of the universe are always dying.  Based on the teachings of Jesus, the Alpha and Omega of The Revelation of John and the theory of deism must be rejected.  Accordingly, the death of Jesus on the Cross was a clear crime of murder by the Jewish Temple. So, my research work on religions and sciences had to change drastically. Almost every day for eighteen months, I posted new finding on my website.

Quickly, my research began to focus on the work of Galileo in the early 1700s on bodies.  In his Two New Sciences, he says that all bodies have an infinite number of indivisible parts. I also focused on the work of Gottfried Leibniz in the late 1700s on infinitesimal bodies. In his Monadology, infinitesimal bodies are indivisible souls and are known in Greece as monads. Ben Franklin will take Leibniz’s work on immortal and indivisible souls to the American colonists, who will separate England from the United States.

But I also studied Leibniz’s  Discourse of the Natural Theology of the Chinese. In this Discourse, Leibniz says China’s God is very old. Since ‘God is one’ in China, the monotheism of Abraham might have come from China. Furthermore, the God of China might have taken into Greece in 500 B.C. where Anaxagoras said that ‘God is one.’ In his Parmenides dialogue, Plato proves that the oneness of God is never without ‘others.’ So, if God is one, God and the universe had no beginning and has no end. For this reason, I say that all of the teachings of Jesus were only about the God of China, the God of Anaxagoras, the God of Confucius, the God of Plato, and the God of Abraham.

In a universe that is imperfect and has no ending, our minds must go to work continuously. The Chinese mind goes to work continuously with yin-yang moderations. All nations must use yin-yang moderations to develop natural and continuous human lives. To develop scientific truths about the infrastructures of the universe for all Little Gods, I suggest Riemann's dissertation 'On The Hypotheses Which Lie At The Foundation Of Geometry.'  This writing can be found in 'A Source Book In Mathematics,' (p. 411-421)' by David Eugene Smith. Below is a note on Riemann:

'Riemann, who was logically the immediate predecessor of Einstein, brought in a new idea of which the importance was not perceived for half a century. He considered that geometry ought to start from the infinitesimal, and depend upon integration for statements about finite lengths, areas, or volumes. This requires, inter alia, the replacement of the straight line by the geodesic: the latter has a definition depending; upon infinitesimal distances, which the former has not. The traditional view was that, while the lengths of a curve could, in general, only be defined as a whole, not as the limit or a sum of the little bits. Riemann's view was that a straight line does not differ from a curve in this respect. Moreover, measurements being performed by means of bodies, is a physical operation, and its results depend for their interpretation upon the laws of physics. This point of view has turned out to be a very importance. Its scope has been extended by the theory of relativity, but in essence it is to be found in Riemann's dissertation.'

The teachings of Jesus and the teachings of other Big Thinkers must be removed from the background of human life.  Thus, they must be brought forward where God and the universe and Little Gods become known worldwide.  The latest information about the Little Gods is that God  can reborn them after their deaths in any family in any nation.  So, all nations must become equal and all competitive economies must be eliminated.


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