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Thursday, February 27, 2014

390. Correcting Democracies

Ukraine is trying to develop the same democracy that was developed wrongly in the USA.  In the USA, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were developed. But in time, the Declaration of Independence was judged by Congress to have no laws. This congressional act gave all power to the Constitution and its Congress.

To correct the Ukraine and USA democracies, all Little Gods of a panentheistic God must become 'one People', as Ben Franklin corrected Thomas Jefferson's draft U.S. Declaration of Independence. Any nation, which develops 'one people' under a panentheistic God, will develop great understandings of God's universe and will never suffer from a dying sun.

Thus, when some Little Gods go to work in government, they should only work for the Little Gods. The idea that political parties should govern Little Gods is a major error in the development of a democracy. When armies and police shoot at its Little Gods, a democracy is not functioning properly. In the USA, political parties gained power when the Declaration of Independence was judged wrongly, when it has four laws plus the authority to abolish the U.S. government.

My corrections should be made in all nations.

My three books are:

1. The First Scientific Proof of God (2006), 271 pages
2. A New and Modern Holy Bible (2012), 189 pages
3. God And His Coexistent Relations to The Universe. (2014), 429 pages


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