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Sunday, March 23, 2014

410. New Wars Are Coming Becaise Nations and Humans are Unequal Under God

Yesterday, I said that the USA and Russia should come together as fast as possible so that they can to make Russia, the USA, and their humans equal. Today, I say that if the USA and Russia are unable to come together, the USA should come together with China in order to make China, the USA, and their humans equal.

I identify the above alternations because every isolated nation must go to war eventually due to economic shortages. Today, many isolated nations exist. An example of an isolated nation with economic shortages was Japan and went to war with the USA in 1941. But its wars were numerous. (Click) Another example is Russia. Russia took its war machine to Ukraine recently because it was developing economic shortages.

After the USA was founded, President Lincoln held onto the last laws of equal humans. When he was assassinated,, the USA started to become a different nation of competitive investors, who would serve the nations of economic shortages. I do not know how long this different nation and its rich investors can exist without creating its people equal. The rich/poor humans in the USA is the wrong system because after humans die, God recreates them in any nation..

If nations do not come together in order to make equal nations and equal humans, nasty wars are on the way. Wake-up Americans and other nations.

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1. The First Scientific Proof of God (2006), 271 pages
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