Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

448. Only One God and One Universe Exist

As I said yesterday, allegiances can be improved by believers as time passes. But these believers have only two choices of God. One choice is the God, who creates the universe, rests, and creates a universe that had a beginning and has an end. The second choice is the God who creates the universe, never rests, and creates a universe that has no end.

Historically, the first God was developed when Abraham rejected idolatry and the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Qur'an were made by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. This God and its scriptures were taught until the 13th century. In the 13th century, a different God was found and had been found long ago in China and moved into Greece.

The second God was found by Confucius in China. In Greece, Anaxagoras confirmed it in 500 B.C.. In Greece, Plato built a universe of God with a scientist called Timaeus Jesus might have lived in Greece for eighteen years as a Platonist. When he came home, the teachings of Jesus were mostly scientific. These scientific teachings caused his death on the Cross. When Irenaeus rejected Gnosticism, many scientific teachings of Jesus were never taught by Christian churches. But in the 13th century, logic began to fail in the Christian courts. In the 14th century, Plato's dialogues reappeared. With the work of Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo, the endless universe is right. However, when Gottfried Leibniz studied the Chinese God in the 17th century, Leibniz developed his Modadology. When Ben Franklin went to Europe in 1766 to learn about the work of Leibniz, Ben came home to tell many Americans that the first God is false and that the second God is true. Based on Franklin's visit to Germany and France, the USA would separate the colonists quickly from England in 1776.

The Declaration of Independence (DOI) is not being followed by the three branches of the U.S. government. Yet, the DOI has four scientific laws and one moral law. The DOI says that the 'Laws of Nature and of Nature's God' entitle us the second God. The major world problem is that lawyers can make moral laws but cannot make scientific laws. More scientists must be added to  Congress, to the White House, and to the Supreme Court

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