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Monday, April 28, 2014

441.More On the 'Cosmos, a Spacetime Odyssey'

In the Fox TV program last evening, Neil deGrasse Tyson continued his talk on the Cosmos, a Spacetime Odyssey. His talk is about stars, --- about the 'Sisters of the Stars' and the 'deaths of stars.' Tyson said that geochemist Clair Patterson (1922-95) calculated the age of the Earth as 4.5 billion years. Tyson also say that cultures of the past have viewed stars as dots in the sky. These dots made pictures of animals, people, and physical things (like the Big Dipper).  However, he says that most of the stars are old and have already drifted apart. Tyson says that over a million stars exist. However, science will say that the true number of stars must be traced back to their beginning.

Tyson says that suns consume hydrogen. Thus, in about a billion years the sun will become very big and will swallow up Mars, Venus and even the Earth. Tyson hopes that the inhabitants of Earth at that time will find a way to live on other planets. He says our sun will collapse and will shrink to the size of the Earth.

Tyson said that Ada Carina became the brightest star in the galaxy in 1843. This crazy star is a hundred times more massive than the sun it is pushing. Tyson says that this crazy is tormented by an evil twin, another star with it and could blow up. When it blows up it will be a cataclysm unlike anything we’ve seen before. This star is called a hyper nova.  If Ada Carina blows up, Earth will be fine because we are far away from it. Its explosion will only put on a show in our sky.

Tyson says that oxygen, the air, carbon, and human DNA were made by the stars years ago. So, Tyson says that star dust exists. Thus, if you buy a bottle of wine and take a sip, Tyson says you can feel our brain take the chemical of wine and put into your brain and into the acoustics of yours voice. He says that we’re lucky to have this clean energy.

While stars are interesting subjects, Tyson and his physical scientists do not prove that all living things and all nonliving things come from the stars.  Nor does Tyson say that the origin or cause of all effects is from a Big Bang thing?  I say that all living and all nonliving things are finite and must originate from an infinite thing, which is a not-not-finite thing that I call God.

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