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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

463. Making a Greater World in the USA

Making equal nations, making equal Little Gods and making a greater world under God has never developed because kings, queens, dictators, and rich humans expect to control the human lives in every nation. But these controllers will eventually fail because they do not develop laws that can move nations into the potential worlds that God is making.

In the USA, the U.S. founders (especially Ben Franklin), President Lincoln,  President Kennedy, and President Obama have sought the potential worlds that God is making. But the work of this small number of leaders is not enough. More good leaders are necessary.

The U.S. founders sought the potential worlds of God by separating the U.S. colonists from England's kings and queens with the Declaration of Independence (DOI). Unfortunately, U.S. slavery was not destroyed until Lincoln created the Civil War. But after Lincoln was assassinated, a new form of slavery developed. For example, in the DOI, the statement 'all Men are created equal' could be restated as 'all Men are created unequal since they are free.' And, the statement  'one People' could be restated as 'many People.' Further, in the DOI, the statement,'Laws of Nature and of Nature's God' could be restated as Laws of Nature and of an Unknown God. So, as the USA developed, the DOI became a lawless document. When the DOI became lawless, the Democratic and Republican parties seized full control of the USA. These parties are destroying the United States of America..

The DOI and the Constitution must be reborn functionally as the private sector of the DOI and the public sector of the Constitution. The private sector of the DOI must force the USA into the potential worlds that God is making.

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