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Thursday, June 05, 2014

464. The Private Money Systems Must Be Eliminated

By not implementing the founding laws in the Declaration of Independence (DOI), the USA became a nation that does not move forward on the path to God. Instead, the USA became a nation that moves forward based only on private money systems.

Private money systems will produce rich people. To rich people, cars can become expensive, food prices can increase, homes can become larger, shoes can increase in numbers. etc. But,the development of rich people will also cause the appearance of 'poor people', which will increase in the number as time passes.

The laws of the DOI must be reinterpreted by the States. Then, the States must identify the DOI laws, must become a nation under a panentheistic God, and must develop a public money system. Then, the U.S. government and the military forces must work with other nations in order to make all nations and people equal. As these nations become equal, NASA must continue President Kennedy's space program.

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