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Thursday, November 06, 2014

683. In Voting This Week, Republicans and Democrats Will Not Move the USA Forward

In the USA this week, the GOP increased its power over the Democratic party. Accordingly, the rich class will increase its richness and the poor class will decrease its poorness. This is how the Republican and Democrats use the British economy of Adam Smith. This see saw economy of the world will not change unless the American Economic System of Henry Clay (click), (click)  and Henry C. Carey (click) is installed.

However, the Declaration of Independence (DOI) is hardly read by any Americans. Yet, the DOI says that Americans are equal and have rights. The equality of Americans must be defined by science. On the other hand, the rights are self-evident truths. Among these truths are life, liberty and happiness. But these equalities and rights are not being developed by Congress..

My first scientific proof of God says that God is one and infinite because only finite things can be found in the universe. Since God is one and infinite and creates all finite things, co-existents must exist because God has made us and our universe .

So, in God and the universe, we will find many co-existents. For instance, a typical co-existent is an equality and it inequalities. Equality of humans are defined by our sciences and the inequalities of humans are defined by causes of God. So, in human life freedom is not absolute.

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