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Thursday, October 30, 2014

677. The Misinterpretations of Benjimin Franklin's Writings By Many Americans

When Benjamin Franklin spoke about the immorality of the human soul in his autobiography on page 322, Ben tells us why the 'Committee of the Whole' changed the first statement of the second paragraph of Thomas Jefferson's draft version of the Declaration of Independence (DOI).

In the first statement of the second paragraph, the DOI says: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal,.... Scientifically, the statement, all Men are created equal means that God created immortal souls before He created male and female humans. Thus, when God creates male and female humans, the humans lives are limited but are reborn continuously by God with the immortal souls He made.

Accordingly, the Union of Ben has been misinterpreted by many Americans after President Lincoln was assassinated. I also say that the teachings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam on God and the universe are wrong because God created only one heaven or one universe.

Since China is on the right path with Yin-Yang reasoning, many other nations will not move forward and into space where other planets exist and have new suns. If nations do not move into the new futures and sciences, they will only develop wars, crimes, and real;slavery.

The scientific language of Benjamin Franklin is well beyond the abilities of the U.S. government. The sciences in Ben was very great. As his founding of the USA, he knew sciences and saw freedom only in God.

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