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Friday, October 24, 2014

671. The Minds of the People of the USA Are Stuck-In-The-Mud.

It is very clear to me that many Americans and many other leaders of nations accept Darwin' evolutionary theory --- that humans and animals are always struggling with opposing forces in order to win either money or food. Thus, I say that these Americans and other leaders held the belief that humans are natural seekers of money and that animals are natural seekers of food.

However, I conclude that the founders of the USA did not hold the above belief about humans and animals when they developed and signed the Declaration of Independence (DOI). In order for Stephen Douglas to beat Abraham Lincoln, Darwin's book, On the Origin of Species, came to the USA from England in 1859. (click) But, when Abraham Lincoln began to ran for the presidency, he told his voters about animals and that the beavers make the same homes for five thousands years. Lincoln won the presidency in 1861 and started to build Henry Clay's American System of Economics in the South and in the West. Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. (Assassination Information) 

Andrew Johnson became the next president. He brought the seceded states back to the USA, But this act led to a conflict with the Republicans on slavery. Johnson was impeached. From 1869 to 1913 eight Republicans and two Democrats held the presidency. But, when Theodor Roosevelt became president, J.P. Morgan said that he could control the whole U.S. industry. This system is what Lincoln or I would have made. However, Teddy disagreed with Morgan. From 1929 to 1933 Herbert Hoover said that the economy would correct the depression itself. Essentially, Hoover said that humans are like animals. From 1933-1945, Franklin D. Roosevelt put many people to work. But, from 1945 to 2017, the Democratic and Republican presidents only discuss debts based only on competition among nations.

When the minds of Lincoln and Johnson tried to move the USA forward, only the sensual mind of J.P. Morgan would move all the of the U.S. people forward. But, today, many people in the USA only want to compete with other people by becoming rich.

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