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Sunday, October 12, 2014

652. My Final Blog On A Very Important Book For Believers In God

The purposes of The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms by Ernst Cassirer and the development of knowledge by Cassirer is not the purpose of preparing humans, after they die, for a trip to heaven where they will live with God, Jesus, Spirits, Prophets, Virgins, etc. , as religions teach.

On the knowledge of Cassirer new and different knowledge will develop as time passes. For instance, events of nature are not instances of life. The truth is that the events of nature are symbols of our lives. Nor will we say that humans came from animals. The symbols we develop of our minds include feelings I often develop feelings from a singer through a TV program.

Thus, The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms by Cassirer must include the expanded work of Susanne K. Lander on the subject of human feelings in her three volume books on Mind: An Essay on Human Feeling. An abridged edition by Langer is available.

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