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Sunday, October 05, 2014

545. U.S. Mineral Rights and Laws Are Outdated

In the USA, the mineral rights were given to the citizens by laws of the U.S. government.(click), (click) I conclude that mineral laws and rights were given to Americans because many citizens believed that Jesus is God and that parents must pass rights onto their family if they want to go to heaven after they die.

However, some necessary minerals will not be found in the USA and must be obtained from other nations. For example, in 1950, a military person told me that both the tungsten mineral and communism were the two purposes of the U.S. Korean War. (click) Thus, I ask 'How long will nations exist without going to wars over minerals?'

My research and my first book says that all finite things in our world tell us that God is not-not-finite. This means that God is beyond all finite and infinite concepts. Thus, God is unknown and does not live in the heaven of the universe that He created. So, the above beliefs of Americans about God are wrong. Further, I say that minerals and mineral laws are needed to develop the USA and all other nations. Thus, the purposes of minerals are not to make rich families or going to wars with nations in order to gain control of necessary minerals..

My books about God and the Universe are presented below:

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