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Friday, October 03, 2014

543. The Alternative to Capitalism and Socialism in the USA and Other Nations

In blog 540, I write about my first job at the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) of the U.S. Department of Justice. In my first job, I attended a meeting to hear a new domestic affair program by President Nixon. This new program was developed for Nixon by John Ehrlickman (1925-1999), who was a member of the White House staff. (click)  However, the Watergate Scandal (click) developed and destroyed this new domestic program. This scandal also caused President Nixon to resign.

If this domestic program had been implemented. I say that the debate between the capitalism of Republicans and the socialism of Democrats would have never occurred and all nations and all people on this planet would be very happy. Instead, the debates between capitalism and socialism led only to many different people thoughts in U.S. States and nations.

When President Nixon was in the White House, inflation had been increasing. After he resigned. Gerald Ford went to the White House and gave the WIN button to every person he met. But, inflation would rise to 12 % when Jimmy Carter left the White House.

Thus, the major domestic project of Ehrlickman under President Nixon was to lower inflation. One of Ehrlickman's projects was the development of full employment and the development of the four-day-workweek. As time passed, the four-day-workweek would be reduced to a three-day-workweek and then to a two-day-workweek. This project did destroy the gold standard because the project would be focusing only on the development of human life in the USA. Had this project been funded, crime would be eliminated and private personal activities would increase. Since this U.S. project was never developed, capitalists would take control of the life of people in the USA.

Other domestic projects were presented. One project was to lift the protein in the human body of all humans. To increase protein in all humans, pigs would be put into production as chickens are in production. I conclude that such productions are godly because all animals and plants have immortal souls, receive a body from God, and can function for the health of all humans. Yes, I believe that cancer can be prevented by animals and plants.

Another domestic project was the development and management of the space underground. For example, electricity, water, and the transportation of goods were discussed. No longer would trucks be seen on highways. Similar to the way worms dig underground, the development of the underground would be developed with fusion energy.

I say that the domestic program was developed by John Ehrlickman. This program was excellent and godly and could be used by any other nations. The current development of capitalism by U.S. Republicans and the development of socialism by the U.S. Democrats is ungodly and in violation of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. If President Nixon did not have to resign, the Republican and Democratic parties would no longer exist.

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