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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

536.Thoughts For Religious and Political People

In the 15th century, the Middle Ages was coming to the end because the European courtrooms and the either/or logic had became dysfunctional. However, in 1401, Nicholas of Cusa was  born and by 1442 wrote a book on Learned Ignorance. With the failure of logic, metaphysics and reasoning began to grow.

In14 37, Nicholas went to Constantinople in order to participate in the Christian Council of Basel. During this visit, Nicholas learned Plato's Dialogues. He also assisted thirteen Muslims, who were on their way to Rome for instructions of Jesus. There, Nicholas learned that the Qur'an of Islam had to be sifted. Nicholas wrote Sifting the Qur’an and dedicated it to Pius II. (click)

Nicholas says that Muhammad prepared the Qur’an so that he can teach his highly ignorant followers in Mecca about Jesus Christ. Sexual relations dominated the lives of the followers of Muhammad. Since Muhammad could not write, he used sexual symbols (e.g., white virgins) to describe the nature of God's paradise.

According to Nicholas, three crafty Jews had attached themselves to Muhammad in order to avert his teachings away from Jesus. Thus, after Muhammad died these crafty Jews approached Alis, the son of Abitalip --- to whom Muhammad had bequeathed his teachings. Abitalip was persuaded to elevate himself to a prophet. These crafty Jews added and deleted what was necessary in the book of Muhammad and added passages so Muhammad could be identified also as a prophet.

So, when the Nicene Creed was developed in the 4th century by Christianity, the Muslims stopped following the New Testament and Jesus and became followers of Islam prophets. Further, since Jews say that God is One, Islam rejects Christianity, but acceots Judaism. In 1776, the USA did not accept the Nicene Creed when American colonists separated themselves from England. So, why did the Islamic State kill  many Americans on 9/11/2001?

So, a war has developed between the Islam religion and the Christian religion. Muslims say that the world must be filled with Muslims.

Filling the world with Muslims is against God because modern humans have come to the conclusion that God's Paradise in a Heaven does not exist and that a human cannot be or become God. Religious wars are ungodly because God controls all souls and cannot be destroyed. When a person dies, the soul receives a new body in any religion. So, all but one religion must be developed eventually by humans.

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