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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

530. Preventing Wars In Iraq and Syria

I studied the origin of the Islamic State and its religion. (click) The ISIS says that the Islamic State exists in the nations of Iraq and Syria. The ISIS also says that the Islamic State is a religion based on Muhammad.

In June 2014, ISIS said that its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is the prophet of Muhammad. However, the concept of 'prophets' has lost its meaning with the development of modern science of God and the universe. So, humans can speak only about 'immortal souls.' All immortal souls work together and form many different bodies, such as humans, trees, stars, butterflies, fish, etc.. Since all immortal souls are created, God never changes. But the bodies of all souls are always changing.

In June 2014, ISIS also removed the 'Iraq and the Levant' and referred to it as the Islamic State. The caliphate, al-Baghdadi, said that the jurisprudence of Iraq does not exist. Essentially, ISIS said that all people in Iraq have become absolutely free. This absolute freedom of humans is defined by John Locke in his book on The Second Treatise of Government. Since planet earth has very few free people today, the absolute freedom in Iraq could lead to a major war.

Since the Islamic State is following Muhammad, ISIS must be following Nestorianism because Muhammad was a follower of Nestorianism. (click) Today, modern science says that Nestorianism is correct and that the Nicene Creed is false because God is a 'one infinite thing' that creates 'many finite things.' Since God cannot be exhausted, the universe of many finite things can never become an end. To say that God is also man is a major error of the human mind.

I believe that wars in Iraq and Syria above can be prevented if religions are corrected with science rather than with scriptures. It is time to correct scriptures because God did not make scriptures. Understanding God is possible only by developing the human mind.

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