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Saturday, August 30, 2014

523.The Ungodly Effects of War Machines, Criminals, and Unequalities

Now that I have proved that an infinite God is the only God that exists, the people of all political parties of democracies and the leaders of all non-democracies must stop the hatefully barbaric extremists of the Islamic State in Iraq or other nations because the infinite God is active and acts with a speed, which is infinite and unseen by us.

For example, after Jesus was hung on a cross by Pontius Pilate, Jesus died, was not resurrected to God as Christians thought, but was reborn instantly by God in a new Father and Mother on a greater kingdom of heaven. (See Matt. 5:19)

The killers of the Islamic State cannot expect to rise into greater kingdoms of heaven when they die. When killers, criminals, or unequal people die, they are reborn in a Father and Mother of least kingdoms of heaven. The least kingdoms of heaven have been demonstrated by U.S. movie producers. The least kingdoms are not very nice because they are filled with atheists and criminals. Believers must develop their minds because an infinite God knows all human minds, all at once.

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