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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

520. More On Leibniz's Monads

I conclude that many people on planet earth are ungodly and will be reborn on this planet again and again until planet earth has become godly. At age 85, I will soon pass on. But I expect to be reborn on a greater planet, as Jesus taught at Matt. 5:19, because God is infinite and is a very clear creator to me. To help you to be reborn on a greater planet, I will discuss and extend some information on Leibniz's atoms.

Initially, I said that God must create Leibniz's atoms (or monads) all at once. Since all of Leibniz's atoms appear at the same time, I concluded that 'time' had no existence until Leibniz atoms become into existent. However, as time passed, I concluded that God must create Leibniz's atoms and create the first bodies all at once. By using the thoughts of Anaxagoras, I concluded that Leibniz's atoms can form bodies by relating each atom differently to all other atoms. Since all related atoms can appear at the same time, I concluded that 'time' and 'space' have no existence until God creates atoms and relates them in order to form bodies of the universe. Thus, I say that the Old Testament was good only for awhile. So, the Old Testament and all other scriptures are outdated because God did not created the universe, humans, animals, and plants in time or in six days because 'all at once'. is a mathematical impulse concept (click)

Thus, when God decided to create a universe, He created Leibniz's atoms and caused these atoms to form a universe in which 'each thing is in each thing.' This universe was spoken first by Anaxagoras as Everything-in-Everything. The bodies are then put into motion by God and His 'impulse or instant least action principle.' I believe that Jesus spent many years in Greece to learn God and God's things-in-things. For instance, at John 14:20, Jesus taught 'I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.' But, the New Testament is not perfect. The disciples made errors.

When the bodies of each of these things were created by God, He made living bodies and non-living bodies. Living bodies are intelligent. So, they perceive and bring perceptions together with reason. Humans, animals, and plants are living bodies, which have self-abilities. On the other hand, non-living bodies are confused. They are called physical things.

This is enough for today.

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