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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

510. We Must End All Guerrilla Wars

If you work with opposing concepts, you must be very careful because God exists and because we must use opposites in order to understand God's actives. For example, let me discuss some wars and why they will not be accepted by God.

In the early development of nations, wars were defined by logical opposites such as friends and enemies . Thus, when a war started, one side of humans became known as the friends and the other side of humans became known as the enemies. As long as these wars were defined with logic, war machines were developed with redlines that move forward, backward, sideways, etc. .

However, these war machines and redlines became ineffective when the first guerrilla war machines appeared in Vietnam. This guerrilla war machine was developed by communistic and anti-communistic nations, But, the enemies and friends of the guerrilla war could not be defined by the motions of the redlines. While the Vietnam War ended in 1973, the guerrilla war machine is being used by Muslims in Iraq and Syria.

Now, let me compare God's work with the work of the Muslims and their guerrilla war machine. I say that the Muslims and many other human do not understand God and His little universes. For example, a guerrilla war machine cannot stop God from creating equal friends and enemies. Since God controls all human births and rebirths, the enemies and friends of a guerrilla war machine cannot be maintained with logic because an enemy can be reborn by God as a friend and a friend can be reborn by God as an enemy. In God's world of thought, enemies and friend are coming together and are moving upwardly with more and more love.

If a human tries to define logical concepts without information of God's acts, the definitions will end in the circle file.

In 1988, Al-Qaida began to use the guerrilla war machine for terrorism.  Since Al Qaida has no knowledge of my research on God and His universes, I conclude that the war machine of Al-Qaida is violating many laws of God.  For example, the parents of Al-Qaida's children are taught to function in the guerrilla war machine for terrorism. Some of these children are God's reborn parents from nations such as the USA, Spain, Africa, Russia, England, China, North Korea, South Korea, etc.

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