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Sunday, August 10, 2014

507. When Will Life End On Earth?

Because of my inspirations about God I provide lots of information about things such as the little universes. But, let me say that Jesus also provided lots of information about the little universes before he was murdered. Today, I provide new information about the little universes because I was born in the USA, became a hard and soft scientist, was able to confirm many thoughts of Jesus, and was able to expand the information of Jesus. Because I was able to expand the information of Jesus, I concluded that bibles, scriptures, and inspirations could be imperfect information. So, I conclude that religions are imperfect because all human languages can never be perfected.

Thus, when I learned that God is the greatest thing, I found that God is one, is without parts, is unknown by scientists, never changes, and is always the same thing. However, when I looked at the evening sky, I learned that other things exist and found that they have parts, are different, are changing, and can be known by scientists. As a scientist, I was inspired continually and concluded that all other things in the sky came only from the above greatest thing, which cannot be exhausted. As inspired, I am now saying that God and many little universes co-exist and that each little universe comes into existence from God and eventually die, as Jesus taught in the New Testament of Matthew, Chapter 24. Why isn't this teaching mentioned regularly in Christian churches?

Since every little universe will eventually die, I say that life on planet earth will come to an end. Since we do not know when earth will end, it seems to me that it is time to learn when life on planet earth will come to its end. At this time, I conclude that life on planet earth is in dire need. If the leader of a nation is not concerned about our planet, he or she should be removed..

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