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Thursday, July 24, 2014

497.Socialism Is A Developing Concept Under God

Socialism and its pros and cons are being identified by different people such as Phil. (click) Phil says that the most common definition of social is a form of government that owns, regulates, and administrates the production and distribution of goods and services. Phil identifies another common definition of socialism is a form of government that attempts to reduce social, economic, medical, and political inequalities among its’ people. In capitalistic societies, Phil says that inequalities are the norm. Phil says that some people consider this inequality to be unfair; thus socialism is used to try to minimize these inequalities.

Phil's Reasons For Socialism Are:
1.Public education is an example of attempting to equalize the minimum education for all people.

2.Economic Equality: Minimum wage, food stamps, social security, and public housing are just some ways to reduce absolute poverty.

3.Medical Equality: Socialized healthcare means that everyone receives the same minimum healthcare, even if unemployed and unable to pay for medical needs.

4.Political Equality: Socialism increases workers rights and is more likely to allow more than only two dominate political parties.

Phil's Reasons Against Socialism Are:
1. Higher Cost: Obviously socialism has a higher cost than other forms of government, thus taxes are high in socialistic countries. Socialistic countries tend to have a much higher debt ratio per citizen.

2.Less Entrepreneurships: Higher taxes means it is much harder for entrepreneurs to start new companies and/or restrict existing companies from being very dynamic. For instance, a company that is undergoing economic troubles may not be able to lay off their employees in order to save the company from bankruptcy thus saving the jobs of all of their employees.

3.Less Rags-to-Riches: Socialism reduces the desire of the poorest people to work harder, get a higher education, and innovate, since they are guaranteed a minimum standard of comfortable living. As a result, fewer people that are born poor become rich.

4.Big Government: More taxes means a bigger government, bigger bureaucracy, and more power in the government’s hands. Since governments are slow to change, big government tends to mean stagnation and less innovation that individual small companies could more easily attempt or adapt.

5. Communism: Some believe that socialism is the first step to communism (basically equal pay, no rich or poor). Historically communism has failed in every country that it was attempted because of lack of motivation to produce goods, and most socialistic countries do realize the fact that communism does not work. Moreover, communism is not the guaranteed outcome of socialism. Rather, communism is an extreme form socialism. For instance, in the capitalistic country of the United States of America, they have Social Security for their retirees, yet the USA has almost no desire for communism to speak of. As a result, socialism does not imply communism.

6.Inequalities are the Norm: It is impossible to completely remove all inequalities via socialism. As a result, socialism does not work completely. Socialism only attempts to reduce inequalities.

Phil is telling us about socialism and the reasons for and against socialism. However, he is not telling us about how socialism functions for nations and their people and how socialism functions for the universe under God.

I conclude that socialism is a vague concept that is developing too slowly. The U.S. founders took the first step in the development of socialism. I conclude that other nations are not developing socialism based on God. The U.S. founders started the development of socialism by identifying laws in the Declaration of Independence (DOI). Some of thee laws in the DOI are coming from John Locke's social contract theory. A DOI law also authorizes the States to abolish the U.S. government and make a new government. I conclude that this current U.S. government should be abolished because the U.S. leaders after President Lincoln do not understand how the DOI is developing. As an independent voter, I conclude that all current political parties do not understand God and the universe.

If a person accepts the pros and cons of the socialism defined by persons such as Phil and does not try to understand God and the universe with laws of the DOI, I believe that this person will live in a least kingdom of heaven, as Jesus taught at Matt. 5:19.

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