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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

495. Locke's 'State of Equality' Was Eliminated in the USA

In the USA, today's political parties say that 'socialism' is evil because it removes freedom from the American people. This statement is wrong because they are unaware of the two forms of freedom. These two forms of freedom were identified by John Locke in his writing on 'The Second Treatise of Government,' at Chapter II, Of The State of Nature, This writing by Locke was used by the American colonists who would form a government after they were separated from England.

Locke discusses the development of a new nation. Thus, a new nation had to derive the governmental rights from the state in which all men are naturally in, which is a state of perfect freedom. Accordingly, when a nation is made, the perfect freedom of people is lost and the 'state of equality' comes into existence. The state of equality will exist when all the power and jurisdiction is reciprocal and a person has no more than another. I conclude that a panentheistic God and socialism is the only path to the state of equality.

The state of equality in the USA was being built by founders such as Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, etc.. The last development of an equality was President Lincoln. After Lincoln's assassination, the state of equality and God were eliminated. This elimination is leading to many criminals, who believe that freedom is absolute. With my new information about God and the universe, the state of equality is the only path to God

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