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Thursday, July 17, 2014

491.A Scientific Law in the Declaration of Independence

When the Declaration of Independence (DOI) was drafted by Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson submitted the draft separately to Ben Franklin and John Adams and then obtained the approval from the Committee of the Whole. But Franklin and Adams made changes to Jefferson's draft.

Changes in Jefferson's draft were necessary because science in Europe was changing and Franklin had become a member of the Royal Society of Science in England, Germany and France. in 1756, 1766, and 1772,

Thus, when Jefferson wrote the draft, he started to write by saying, 'When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for the people to advance...' Franklin and Adams made the following change to Jefferson's words, 'When in the Course of human Events it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve...' By changing the phrase, the people, to the different phrase, one People, the USA became a scientific thing, which is a whole that has many parts. As seen, The DOI has scientific and moral laws.

Every whole that has parts will be found throughout the universe. Since all wholes with parts must have an origin, all wholes that have parts must come from a whole that has no parts. A whole, which has no parts, is God.

Ben Franklin's writes about the 'immortality of the human soul' in his Autobiography in March 1790 in and then dies in April. Thus, I conclude that Franklin had read the Monadology of Gottfried Leibniz, when he became a member of the Royal Society of Science in Germany.

I say that the people of the USA never became a nation of 'one People.' The godless people in the USA must thus be changed.

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