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Friday, July 04, 2014

481.Celebrate Americans. But, Reopen the Space Program to Save the USA and All Nations

Today is another celebration of the beginning of the USA nation on July 4, 1776. Unfortunately, most Americans do not know that the Declarations of the Independence (DOI) is a law, which is patterned after Locke's Society and that the Constitution, which is patterned after Locke's Government and would not be a law until 1787. Until the Constitution was finished, the 2nd Continental Congress would be the U.S. Government.

Today, most Americans talk mostly about their freedom and their rights and don't talk about other laws in the DOI such as (1) 'one People', (2) Laws of Nature and of Natures God, (3) self-evident truths, (4) that all Men are created, and (5) that the States can abolish the Constitution and institute a new Government.

Since Americans do not talk about the five laws in the DOI above, but talk mostly about their freedom and rights, the Americans do not understand the DOI and the foundations of the USA. For instance, many Americans say that they are free. Their freedom s false because only God is absolutely free. Thus, human freedom and rights are limited. These human freedom and rights are limited by laws that humans make with their mental developments and understandings of God.

Unfortunately, many Americans are not developing any understandings of God. Their minds must be developed. On the other hands, some Americans have rejected God and have become atheists. They could change their minds. If they do not change, they must be imprisoned until they die because God will give them a new life.

As I said before, the USA is degenerating because the DOI says that we have a God. It is time to stop this fall so the USA can recover its God and can begin to make all nations and people equal. We must also open the space program in order to understand our universe and our God..

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