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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

480. Making A New U.S. Government

The U.S. colonists accepted many thoughts of John Locke. (click) One of Locke's thought was the right of people to abolish Government and institute a new government. This right became a law in the Declaration of Independence (DOI).

However, some thoughts of Locke have become troublesome today because Locke was influenced by theologians such as Roger Williams, who found Rhode Island in 1636. As a colony, Williams combined a democratic constitution with unlimited religious freedom. Today, the USA and all other nations cannot accept Williams or Locke's unlimited religions because the true God and the endless universe has been found. This God and God's endless universe caused U.S. President Kennedy to begin the space program so that we could move to a new planet before our sun dies. (See New Testament at Matthew, Ch. 24.).

When Pope Benedict XVI became the leader of the catholic church, he said that the infinite God must be found. But I never heard that the Pope found it. So, I sought and found the infinite God. And I rejected the Big Bang theory and atheism.

Thus, if the States abolish the U.S. government and make a new government in the USA, the catholic and protestant churches, the Jewish temples, the Islam mosques, and all other religions must be closed. The new religion will develop understandings of a panentheisic God. And the new sciences will develop knowledge of God's universe. The past and future work of Big Thinkers about God and the universe must be recorded and displayed forever.

I say that the States should make a new U.S. government because God will reborn all people after they die.  If the new U.S. government is made, other nations should also remake their own government so that all nations are equal. With equal nations, all rebirths will become equal.

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