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Monday, June 23, 2014

475. A Brief History of Our Struggles

When Abraham rejected idolatry, one God appeared in the mind of Abraham and entered the mind of many other thinkers. Since the oneness of God has no parts, the mind of a person, such as Anaxagoras knew that one God is independent and created all things that have parts. In the 5th century, Nicholas of Cusa said that created things have parts because God created all things in a way that all created things are in God.' See De Docta Ignorantia, Book II, Ch. Five It is clear that we must develop our minds.

When the Old Testament developed, the 'good and evil' thoughts that were foiund on the tree of knowledge (see Gen. 2:17). Thus, for 3200 years Judaism would not turn to the field of science. And, when the Christian, Irenaeus (click), said that Gnosticism (click) is blasphemy, the true and false teachings of Jesus went into the background and the good and evil teachings of Jesus went into foreground. In other words, Christianity would also not turn to the field of science for a 2000 years.

However, before Jesus became a teacher of science and morals in Greece, my research found that the Roman courts of Cicero (106-43 B.C) did acquire some science. For example, the either/or logic of Aristotle, the idealism of Plato (click), and true/false scientific questions of Cicero will be found in these courts. (click), (click)

During the dark period of the Middle Ages, the little development of science became an unknown field of thought. But a piece of Middle Age art shoed me that rulers became tall and non-rulers stay short. How does this happen, when God made all humans equal? But, by the 15th century, the courts were struggling with logic and moral lives. And religions were struggling with one God, who creates a universe that had a beginning that has an end or has no end. Religions were also struggling with a one God who is either infinite or finite or is both infinite and finite.

I conclude that science, religions and all other fields of thought have struggled ever since humans began to write. This ugly past life will continue if we do not make all nations and humans equal. With science, I say that all souls were made by God before He created the universe. I also say that human minds are in all human souls that God made because humans must measure all other things that God made. So, lets bring these nations together. To develop wealth is only possible. But, to develop knowledge is godly.

My books about God and the Universe are presented below:

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