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Friday, June 13, 2014

470. Coexistent Concepts

Yesterday, in blog 469, I said that all finite things in the universe come from an infinite thing. This statement means that a finite things and an infinite thing coexist. Coexistence is a new modern concept that is moving slowly into the minds of all humans today. Unfortunately, coexistence is not being developed by atheists, physical scientists, and religions.

I believe that the concept of coexistence was introduced by Jesus when he said that 'I and my Father are one,' at John 10:30, and said that 'I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you,' at John 14:20. Since these two statements of Jesus are viewed as scientific statements today, I say that all of the scientific statements of Jesus were pushed off of the stage of thought of Christianity by the Christian leader, Irenaeus. While the Gospel According to John made these two statements many of John's writings are troublesome.

I believe that the coexistences of Jesus were not reintroduced until Gottfried Leibniz wrote his paper on Monadology in 1714 and had established the coexistence of 'space' and 'time' in his debates with Isaac Newton through Samuel Clarke. Leibniz says that 'space' is the order of coexistences whereas 'time' is the order of successions.

When words such as 'finite' and 'infinite' become coexistences, then God appears as a higher and different thing.  When words such as 'space' and 'time' become coexistences, then God will also appear as a higher and different thing. Further, when words such as 'divisible' and 'indivisible' become coexistences, then God will appear again as a higher and different thing. Thus, by finding new coexistences, we can learn how God is making the universe.

Since some people in the USA and foreign nations are reading my blogs, I hope that this blog is helpful on the proof of God and a proof of a universe that has no end.

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