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Monday, June 09, 2014

467.The Final Program on the Cosmos, a Spacetime Odyssey.

The Fox TV program on the Cosmos, a Spacetime Odyssey came to an end last evening. In the program, Neil deGrasse Tyson spoke about cosmos rays, dark matter, dark energy, the edge (of the universe), and the Big Bang. Tyson did not talk about the edge, which is called 'nothingness.' Nothingness exists until a Big Bang comes into existence and explodes. When the universe comes to an end, some physicists say that a new universe will come again and evolve species again. This is the latest theory of the universe, which has no God.

Many religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, agree with the world's physicists. These religions agree because Rev.1:8 says, 'I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning, and the ending, ...' So, world physicists and most religions hold the belief that the universe will come to an end. World physicists usually become atheists. And they assume that they have only one life. But religious teachers say that good believers can get a second life in a heaven. I reject atheism and this religious teaching.

I proved the existence of God in my first book.  Inn my second and third books, I prove that God and the universe forms one world and has no end. Thus, the universe had no beginning and has no end.
Accordingly, I say that the world's physicists and religions are wrong and are misleading many people in many nations.

As I have said often, we must make all nations equal

My books about God and the Universe are presented below:

1. The First Scientific Proof of God (2006), 271 pages
2. A New and Modern Holy Bible (2012), 189 pages
3. God And His Coexistent Relations to The Universe. (2014), 429 page


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