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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

483. The Decision To Develop Your Language and Mind

In my last blog, I said that the laws of the U.S. Declaration of Independence are not being developed because the U.S. language is not being perfected. This lack of development means that the USA must be falling. Nations cannot stand still because stars eventually become very large and will absorb its planets. So, the development of language and the development of the human mind is necessary. But I believe that other nations on this planet are also falling because their languages and their people's minds are not developing.

People can win something good. For example, people can win a war, win a partner, win children, win a job, win a great body, and win lots of money. People can also win knowledge, which determines how God is making the universe for us. But, people on this planet are not winning strong languages and minds that can take them to other planets where their lives can continue.

The scriptures of religions must also become winners because the languages of all scriptures are not perfect. Thus, scriptures must develop, must change, and must develop the minds of their readers. When I produced my first and second books, I titled the second book with the words 'A New and Modern Holy Bible'. Thus, my second book improved my first book. And my third book improved my first and second book. At this time, I might develop a fourth book, which will improve my third book. This is how religious scriptures must develop.

The development of our languages and minds is a decision of each person. If you read Matt. 5:19 and Chapter 24 of Matthew by Jesus in the New Testament, you will learn that life on this planet has a limit. I agree with Jesus that people will be reborn in a greatest kingdom of heaven if they improve their language and minds. The least kingdom of heaven and the great kingdom of heaven are very different.  But,  developing language and mind is natural. Thus, a decision is necessary.

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