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Friday, July 18, 2014

492. Different Languages Among Nations Will Not Work

Yesterday, I showed that John Adams and Ben Franklin made changes to the Declaration of Independence(DOI after Thomas Jefferson drafted it. I also showed that Adams and Franklin changed the words, the people, to the words, one People. The words, one People, means that the USA was built with a whole that has many parts (or many people). In my first book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I say that this whole was originated from God, who is a whole that has no parts.

Since the meanings of the words, one People, are scientific, these words are not understood by non-scientists. Thus, for many years, the words, one People, has been misinterpreted and has been violated by many Americans, many U.S. Government workers, and many U.S. lawyers because they are not taught the language of science.

However, scientists do not know the languages of all other fields of thought. For example, they do not know the meaning of signs and symbols that are used in general fields of thought. (click) So, most scientists understand only their own language of the universe and use mathematics and work only with mechanical things. Accordingly, scientists can only say that they do not accept God because they don't understand the different languages of religions. But, the religions also do not understand the different languages of the sciences and can only say that they accept God.

So, all nations throughout our planet have a major language problem. Since all fields of thought cannot be mastered with language by any human, it is clear that the birth of a person can only master a language and develop a single field of thought in one life

As I have said before, it is clear that all nations and all humans must become equal. .

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