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Sunday, July 20, 2014

493. Socialism and Communism Are Not Identical Concepts

Humans and nations can become equal if the language of cultures become stronger and the languages of science and morals become more and more perfect. If languages are improved steadily, I say that wars will go away.

The above languages were developed also by the sociologist, Max Weber (1864-1920). (click) His sociology explains the cause and effects of human interactions. But, he says that there is no objective scientific analysis of cultures because cultural realities are only particular points of view. Thus, Weber says that analyses of a culture proceed according to a thesis and is reduced to laws based on empiricism. Accordingly, he says that these laws are meaningless. This is correct. So, I conclude that Weber believed that there is a God, that the universe is a continuous system, and that socialism is a real system that can develop itself, but cannot be completed like a mechanical thing can be completed.

Some Americans, especially the republicans, say that socialism is communism. However, Weber would say that communism and socialism are not identical. So, Weber would say that communism is only a particular point of view of Russians, Vietnams, Chinese, etc. Socialism is merely a new particular point of view that Weber developed. Accordingly, saying that socialism is identical to communism is a major error in the U.S. language

Today, many republicans and all U.S. world economists are telling U.S. citizens that socialism is identical to communism. This statement is wrong and must be corrected. I am concerned about the U.S. language and how the minds of Americans are not developing properly.

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