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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

496. A Big Job Is Needed In The USA

In West Virginia, my senators are Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin III. Manchin replaced Robert Byrd, who was a member in Congress from 1959 to 2010. Byrd carried the Constitution in his back pocket but didn't carry the Declaration of Independence (DOI) because the U.S. senators believe that the DOI has no laws. The senators are wrong because laws do exist in the DOI. These laws can abolish the U.S. government and make a new government, for example, if Locke's 'state of equality' is being violated.

It is clear to me that the work of Max Weber (click) in socialism followed the Monadology (click) that Gottfried Leibniz wrote. This paper by Leibniz must have been studied thoroughly by Ben Franklin because the work of Leibniz and Franklin led to the separation of the colonists from England and England's empiricism, as fast as possible.

But the separation from England was incomplete. After Franklin died in 1790, what Franklin learned in Germany and France also died in the USA. To teach the importance of the DOI, President Lincoln would apply the DOI law --- all Men are created equal. Based on this law, Locke's 'state of equality' was put to work by this DOI law. However, Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. But in 1859, Darwin's evolutionary theory moved into the USA from England. This theory would soon turn the minds of many Americans away from the DOI.

Today, many American's believe in evolution. The believers include many doctors, many republicans, many democrats, many physical scientists, many evolutionists, etc.. But I and many other Americans reject evolution. I studied deeply on this subject and prove that God and the universe coexist and form one world. The doctor's inability to destroy cancer is a sign to me that evolution is false.

After Lincoln was killed, the people of the USA did not develop the DOI. Thus, the DOI has become a document that can be seen by visitors. Thus, the 'state of equality' in the DOI is also not being developed. So, the USA has turned its nation from a 'one People' into a 'random People.' Thus, a big job is needed to recovery the DOI laws. I don't believe that President Obama can do this job. And I don't believe that the republican and democratic parties can do this job. I believe that the States must abolish the U.S. government and build a new one because I believe now that the DOI is dead and that the USA is now being controlled by the rich people.

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