Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Thursday, August 07, 2014

505.We Must Become Masters of the Little Universes

In my last blog, I said that the greatest thing is God. This greatest thing is a maximum, which is also a minimum. Accordingly, a greatest thing can be seen as a perfect and inactive God. So, this God can be modeled by a circle, which has a circumference and center as I show below. Inside this circle many potential acts of God exist and can became real acts of God. God's maximum and minimum will be found at the circumference and center. When God acts, He creates a universe of humans and other finite things..
When God's potentials became possible, God acted and created a universe. I do not know when God became active. But when I looked at the evening sky, I found that all things in the sky are finite and must be coming from an infinite God. So, I conclude that God and the universe have been together as co-existents forever. However, Plato also tells us in his Parmenides dialogues that this togetherness is true. And Jesus also tells us that all things are 'in' each other at John 14:20. And, in Cusa's Learned Ignorance at Book II, Ch. Five' we are told that 'each thing is in each thing.' I conclude that God made a universe of many small universes, which are modeled below. The little universes have a star and some planets, which co-exist for a limited period. So, we must master the little universes. by making our humans and nations equal and by returning to space research.

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